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Membership Management Services.

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Michael Hammock
770-218-1000 (option 4)


The new look on this site is the result of my decision to begin the transition to retirement. As the banner above implies, my time will be split between the mid-west and the southwest.  What follows is an explanation for my existing clients and for anyone who is inquiring about website services.

This transition actually began several months ago with the search for a company that would take over support for my clients. Fortunately, the search was not a long one as Q2Digital headquartered in Atlanta expressed an interest in merging my operation into theirs. I have worked with them for several years and they bring 17 years of experience in the web industry. They are well qualified to continue providing development and support services for both existing and new accounts.

The first step was to introduce them to my existing accounts for whom I had used their Oasis website platform. Those contacts have been made and go-forward plans have been discussed or are in process.

The second step was the creation of a division of their company to handle my existing Wild Apricot accounts.  That entity is Membership Management Services. You will note in the logo to the left that my branding was incorporated to maintain consistency in the Wild Apricot marketplace.

At their request I agreed to work with them in a consultant capacity to continue providing my expertise and experience as needed as they began working with the Wild Apricot Membership Management website platform.

In that capacity I will continue to be available by email and by phone. I have internet access in both locations. My contact information is shown below in the site footer.

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